Levitate X

Levitate X is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology and refined aesthetics. At its core lies the second-generation Nabla handle, a pinnacle of engineering prowess. Sleeker, lighter, and more rigid than ever, this handle elevates the Levitate X to new heights of performance and sophistication.


Meet the Pixie, our latest entrant into the realm of light jigging rods.  Why did we engineer the Pixie this way, and what advantages does it bring to your fishing experience?

SPATHE Slowdance

Spathe Slow Dance In-Line Rod: Unleash Your Jigging Prowess


Dropping into a wreck or need extra stopping power? – DEEP does what was previously impossible, now with unrivaled action and incredible backbone — featuring a proprietary 2-piece 70/30 joint design and Temple Reef’s Direct Sensory System (DSS) to give you Power, Performance, and Sensitivity.


Vortex 2.0 – the next generation of high-performance fishing rods. The Vortex 2.0 is now equipped with a 2-piece butt joint design and our latest “Blade” rear grip, providing the angler with improved balance, control, and handling.

SPATHE Long Ranger

Introducing the Long Ranger Inline Concept Rod – No Guides, No Tip Wrap, No Fuss, Full Blank Contact Sensitivity.

Levitate Nabla

TEMPLE REEF’s flagship SPJ rod has just undergone a significant structural and ergonomic redesign to give the user better Strength, Stability, Comfort, Balance, and Sensitivity…

Mytho Ultra

Elevate 2.0

Temple Reef has been at the forefront of slow pitch jigging with its Levitate and Gravitate series of rods, both of which have set the performance standard for which all other slow pitch rods are measured…

66 Grand Cru

Dropping into a wreck or need extra stopping power? – Grand Cru does what was previously impossible, now with unrivalled action and incredible backbone…

Innovate 2.0

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout…

Gravitate 3.0

The Temple Reef Gravitate first made waves in the industry when it was introduced in 2018, and has been excelling ever since…

Project X

PROJECT X is a new concept, designed to function both as a Slow Pitch rod as well as a Speed Jigging rod depending on what the situation demands…