Presenting the DEEP Inline Concept Rod – No Guides, No Tip Wrap, No Fuss, Full Blank Contact Sensitivity.

Dropping into a wreck or need extra stopping power? – DEEP does what was previously impossible, now with unrivaled action and incredible backbone — featuring a proprietary 2-piece 70/30 joint design and Temple Reef’s Direct Sensory System (DSS) to give you Power, Performance, and Sensitivity. So horsing a Grouper away from a structure or needing to pump and wind, DEEP will respond with on-demand power.

Weighing less than 6oz(180g), it’s light enough to fish all day but tough enough to stop nearly anything that swims. So whatever you’re targeting, the DEEP series has it covered.

DEEP is also equipped with the next-generation rear grip, specially designed for “under-arm” type rods, contoured to fit our palm during casting, and a slim profile for comfort when fighting fish.

Piece2 (2/3 Joint)2 (2/3 Joint)2 (2/3 Joint)
PowerMedium HeavyHeavyHeavy
ActionModerate SlowModerate SlowModerate Slow
Lure (Max)600g900g1200g
Lure (Best)200-500g400-700g600-900g
Weight (g)158172180
Pack Length (cm)111111111


Setting up with threading tool

Setting up without threading tool