Temple Reef is a company that is deeply committed to producing high-quality fishing rods for anglers of all levels. To achieve this, they rely on the expertise and experience of their carefully selected pro staff and testers, who provide feedback and test prototypes to engineer and design a wide range of specialty rods.

Their objective is to make high-performance products accessible and affordable to everyday anglers without compromising on quality. This is why their research and development team is always pushing the envelope to embrace the latest technologies and adopt new design parameters backed by scientific evidence and complex engineering load calculations.

Constantly pursuing advanced lightweight materials, revolutionary rod architecture, and new manufacturing methods, Temple Reef incorporates enhancements into their products that make them superior. Their rods are then tested and retested in the hands of experienced anglers from the Temple Reef Pro Staff Global Field Testing Team, ensuring that every rod is the best possible product for the customers.

Temple Reef was founded in 2006, born from a passion for fishing and the need for high-quality fishing rods that are responsive, sensitive, powerful, and reliable. The company’s early rods were developed in collaboration with Smith Japan, and their legendary Black Devil Series was the first rod built specifically for casting bluefin tuna.

Today, Temple Reef designs and creates fishing rods that cover a wide spectrum of angling specialties, including heavy popping and stickbait rods for tuna and other giant pelagic, specialist rods for the art of slowfall, and lighter rods for casting lures and micro jigging. Recently, they have expanded their offerings to include freshwater fishing rods, which have been extensively tested and are now featured in their catalog.