Introducing the Spathe Slow Dance In-Line Rod: Unleash Your Jigging Prowess

We are delighted to present the remarkable Spathe Slow Dance In-Line Rod, a culmination of our unwavering dedication and perseverance over the past two years. Throughout this arduous journey, we overcame numerous challenges to bring you an exceptional fishing rod that exceeds expectations.

The Slow Dance posed a unique and demanding obstacle with its thin diameter blank, requiring a delicate opening for the line to run inside. This aspect proved to be the most challenging, as the opening had a tendency to break repeatedly at the same spot. However, with unwavering determination, patience, and countless hours of tinkering, we successfully conquered this hurdle.

Today, we proudly introduce the Spathe Slow Dance, a true masterpiece crafted with advanced technology and exceptional craftsmanship. This rod offers an unparalleled jigging experience, combining finesse, precision, sensitivity, and remarkable smoothness. Notably, it can also be utilized as a light jigging rod, further expanding its versatility and appeal.

Elevate your jigging game to new heights with the Spathe Slow Dance In-Line Rod. Join the ever-growing community of jigging enthusiasts who rely on Spathe to enhance their angling pursuits. Experience the artistry of slow-pitch jigging like never before and embrace the journey of precision and finesse.

Slow Dance is equipped with DSS (Direct Sensory System) for enhanced sensitivity.

PieceButt JointButt JointButt Joint
PowerMedium HeavyHeavyHeavy
ActionModerate SlowModerate SlowModerate Slow
Lure (g)120-200160-260200-320
Weight (g)150152155
Pack Length (cm)137137137


Setting up with threading tool

Setting up without threading tool