The Levitate Nabla ∇ is a state-of-the-art fishing rod that offers unparalleled sensitivity, allowing anglers to detect even the slightest nibble. The DSS technology utilizes a highly sensitive and responsive material that transfers vibrations directly from the line to the angler’s hand, resulting in improved bite detection and faster response times.


The Levitate Nabla ∇ is engineered with a balance that is second to none, thanks to the unique Nabla ∇ design, which shifts the center of mass towards the butt section. This not only makes the rod feel lighter in the hand but also reduces angler fatigue during long fishing sessions. The result is a fishing rod that delivers smooth and effortless performance every time.


The entire handle of the Levitate Nabla ∇ is now designed as a monobloc, using an inverted triangular geometry, which makes it more robust and sturdier than traditional circular handles. This design needs less material to achieve flexural rigidity, resulting in a stiffer and lighter blank that can handle heavy loads without compromising on sensitivity.


A proprietary FLAT TOP design along the plane of the rear handle section enhances the stability and support for the forearm, allowing for better control and performance during slow pitch jigging. With the Levitate Nabla ∇, anglers can enjoy improved stability and control, leading to enhanced performance and success on the water.


The rear end of the Levitate Nabla ∇ has been redesigned to be nearly 30% slimmer than its predecessor, making it much more comfortable to use for extended periods. Additionally, the new SLIM GRIP design, measuring just 26mm at its widest, ensures anglers can enjoy comfortable handling, even during intense battles.

We are excited to offer the Levitate Nabla ∇, the flagship SPJ rod from Temple Reef to anglers worldwide. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced design, the Levitate Nabla ∇ is sure to take your fishing experience to new heights. Thank you for considering Temple Reef for your fishing needs.

Inside Levitate Nabla

The Outside

ModelNabla ZeroNabla INabla IINabla III
GuidesFuji IG SiC GuidesFuji IG SiC GuidesFuji IG SiC GuidesFuji IG SiC Guides
Piece2 (Butt Joint)2 (Butt Joint)2 (Butt Joint)2 (Butt Joint)
Lure (g)50-200g100-300g150-400g200-500g
Weight (g)156157160161
Pack Length (cm)157157157157