Common SPJ Rod Breakage Issues - How We Improved Our Rods and Eliminated Tip Wraps

Common SPJ Rod Breakage How We Improved Our Rods and Eliminated Tip Wraps Over the years, many fishing enthusiasts have experienced breakages with their SPJ rods, particularly near the rod’s tip, which is at its thinnest and most vulnerable, and tip wraps are one of the causes of these breakages. While SPJ rods are known for their superior performance and sensitivity, they are also more delicate than other fishing rods and, therefore, more susceptible to breakage. In 2017, we began improving our SPJ rods by implementing Fuji LDB running guides, suggested by our......

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The Quill Project - Chapter 2

THE QUILL PROJECT CHAPTER 2 PROJECT TEAM Leading this project is Dr Stephen Daynes, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.  Dr Daynes specialises in composite structures and advance finite element analysis and optimisation techniques. Supervising this project is Dr Stefanie Feih, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Cambridge University.    Dr Feih has over 20 years of international research experience in polymer science. DESIGN PRINCIPLES We are starting our design entirely from ground up on a fresh and blank sheet, discarding all previous precepts,  concepts, assumptions and pre-conceived notions that all manufacturers......

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The Quill Project - Chapter 1

THE QUILL PROJECT Chapter 1 THE HOLY GRAIL Fishermen all over the world are seeking lighter and stronger equipment. Nobody wants to use equipment that is heavy and cumbersome.   It is easy to make fishing rods stronger simply by adding more material or upscaling. However, that will also increase weight. Likewise, it is easy to reduce weight by using less material, but it will result in an inadequate rod that will be prone to failure. In the last 20 years we have not seen any breakthrough in rod design since the introduction of......

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