Common SPJ Rod Breakage Issues – How We Improved Our Rods and Eliminated Tip Wraps

Common SPJ Rod Breakage

How We Improved Our Rods and Eliminated Tip Wraps

Over the years, many fishing enthusiasts have experienced breakages with their SPJ rods, particularly near the rod’s tip, which is at its thinnest and most vulnerable, and tip wraps are one of the causes of these breakages. While SPJ rods are known for their superior performance and sensitivity, they are also more delicate than other fishing rods and, therefore, more susceptible to breakage.

In 2017, we began improving our SPJ rods by implementing Fuji LDB running guides, suggested by our then Prostaff member Benny Ortiz. The angled approach of the LDB guides (shown in the photo below) successfully reduced the occurrence of tip wraps.

While LDB guides were an effective solution, we continued to seek more effective solutions. In 2019, we introduced the “Neutral Spiral” guide train, allowing guides to be deployed under the blanks, eliminating any guides on the top of the blank that could cause tip wraps.

Despite the success of the “Neutral Spiral” guide train, we were committed to finding an even more effective solution. This led us to create Spathe Rods, offering “Interline Rods” that feature lines running inside the blank, eliminating the need for guides. We have, therefore, successfully eradicated the tip wrap problem by not using any guides. In addition, the concept of Interline Rods offers many other benefits besides eliminating tip wraps. In a separate article, we will elaborate on the other benefits of Interline Rods.

Disclaimer – It is important to note that we did not invent spiral guides or interline rods. Instead, we have employed them to their best usage to enhance our products’ performance and durability.

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