G1, G2 & G3

Recommended Components:

Reel Seat – Fuji T-DPS Size 22
Guides – Fuji KW Guides
Size 12 x 1pcs
Size 10 x 1 pcs
Size 8 x 1 pcs
Size 7 x 2 pcs
Size 6 x 1 pcs
Size 5 x 4 pcs (Replace with Size 6 if you prefer heavier leader)
Size 5 Top (Replace with Size 6 if you prefer heavier leader)


  1. Avatar for Admin Ron buffington : October, 2021 at 9:57 pm

    I was wondering how I could purchase your blanks in the USA

  2. Are the guides alconite or sic?

  3. Avatar for Admin Richard Wightman : May, 2024 at 1:16 am

    Hi can you please list the guide spacings for the gravitate 2.0 blank? I’m just building my rod but can’t read many of them on the chart you provide here, even using a magnifier on my pc screen. Also would you recommend that the 4 No size 5 single leg guides are better as KB series, or the KT variants?

    Many thanks, Richard

    • We will be uploading a higher resolution version shortly, please check again in a day.
      As for the running guides, we strongly recommend KT guides as KB feet are too big for the blank.

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