A Decade of Excellence

As we unveil the 10th anniversary edition – Levitate X, we reflect on a decade marked by relentless innovation and masterful craftsmanship. The Levitate continues to be a beacon of superior design, consistently setting the gold standard in slow pitch jigging. This milestone is not merely a celebration of the past ten years but a testament to our enduring legacy and our ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of fishing rod technology. Here’s to a decade of excellence and many more years of innovation.

A Revolution in Slow Pitch Jigging

In the realm of slow pitch jigging (SPJ), The Levitate has established itself as a paragon of innovation and excellence. The journey began in 2014, when a visionary project sought to create an SPJ rod uniquely suited for targeting Groupers and larger specimens. Traditional SPJ rods, designed for deep-water demersals, often featured parabolic blanks that saturated too easily. Groupers inhabit reefs and rocky terrains, where they ambush prey and swiftly retreat. Recognizing this, the need for a SPJ rod tailored to these specific conditions became imperative.

Groupers are masters of their domain, thriving in structured environments where they can effortlessly prey on unsuspecting target. The SPJ technique, with its precise jigging action, is particularly effective for targeting these formidable fish. Yet, traditional SPJ rods lacked the necessary power to target Groupers. This gap presented an opportunity for innovation.

The Design Philosophy

To meet the distinct demands of Grouper jigging, we crafted a rod with a 6’8″ length, achieving the ideal balance between action and power. This specific length allows one section of the rod to efficiently work the jig, while another section provides ample lifting power without sacrificing performance. The outcome is a rod that seamlessly combines design and functionality. A decade later, the original length of the Levitate remains a testament to its nearly flawless design.


The Models and Their Evolution

From its inception, The Levitate has been available in five distinct models: Zero, One, Two, Three, and Four. These models accommodate jigs from 100g to 600g, catering to various depths and fishing conditions. Consistency has been key, with the same mandrels, prepreg layups, and CFRP blends used year after year. Over the past decade, nine variations of The Levitate have been introduced, with new releases each year except for 2023, which faced disruptions due to supply chain complexities.

Levitate Milestones

Over the years, we’ve incorporated numerous innovative and unique concepts to The Levitate, These milestones reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and cutting-edge design.



2015 - The Levitate

The first edition of Levitate made its debut with three models: SF68-1, SF68-2, and SF68-3. These models were equipped with EVA grips and Fuji Ti SiC guides and were available in blue and gold. Some call it the OG!

2016 – EVA Edition

The second edition of Levitate, introduced as the “2016 EVA Edition,” featured the eye-catching iridescent magenta paint coating. This distinctive color scheme quickly became the hallmark of Temple Reef’s signature aesthetic. This edition was equipped with EVA grips and Fuji Ti SiC guides.

2017 – Bamboo 2017 LTD Edition

Featuring a unique bamboo finish, this model excels in both elegant aesthetics and superior craftsmanship. It is equipped with EVA grips and Fuji Ti SiC guides. Notably, this was the first rod in which we introduced the neutral spiral guide train.

2018 – Levitate Ti Benny Ortiz Edition

This was our first-ever signature series, developed in collaboration with Benny Ortiz, a renowned SPJ angler who was part of our pro staff at the time. This edition features Fuji Ti SiC guides arranged in a conventional layout, providing exceptional strength and sensitivity. The rod is distinguished by our signature iridescent matte finish, which is both eye-catching and sophisticated, and it is further enhanced by an embossed 3D logo, adding a touch of elegance and a unique identity to this finely crafted fishing rod.

2019 – Levitate SP Burgundy

In this edition, we utilized a matte burgundy coating with champagne gold prints to achieve a refined and elegant finish. The addition of AAA cork grips enhances both comfort and aesthetic appeal, while the Fuji Ti Torzite guides contribute to superior performance and durability. These features collectively elevate the Levitate SP’s elegance and functionality, appealing to discerning anglers who seek both style and high performance in their gear.

2020 – Levitate SP Pearl

The 2020 SP EDT PWR rods feature a glossy pearl white coat with red trims, embossed 3D logo and specs, Fuji Titanium frame guides with Torzite rings in a spiral wrap, and AAA cork grips. These elements combine to create a visually stunning and high-performing rod, offering exceptional durability, sensitivity, and comfort.

2021 – Levitate Jewel 5th Anniversary Edition

The Levitate Jewel is a special, limited-edition series introduced to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Levitate Series. With only 100 units of each model produced, each rod is individually numbered from 001 to 100. The four models in this exclusive collection are named PWR1-Sapphire, PWR2-Amethyst, PWR3-Jade, and PWR4-Ruby.

These rods featured top end components, including Fuji Titanium Torzite guides, AAA cork grips, and enamel trims. The matte pearl white blank not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also underwent a meticulous and challenging printing process to achieve its exquisite finish, making each rod a unique and refined piece for discerning anglers. For the first time, DSS (Direct Sensory System) was incorporated in the Levitate, DSS takes sensitivity to a level never before seen in fishing rods.

2023 – Levitate Nabla

In this edition, we’ve completely overhauled the handle section of the Levitate to enhance its performance and complement the previously introduced Direct Sensory System (DSS). The new “flat top” design provides increased stability and ease of use during jigging. Our unique Nabla ∇ handle improves sensitivity detection and enhances the rod’s stability and control. By shifting the center of mass towards the butt section, we’ve achieved exceptional balance, significantly reducing angler fatigue. The monobloc handle, with its inverted triangular geometry, offers increased robustness and strength while being lighter and stiffer than traditional handles. Additionally, the rear end is now 30% slimmer with a new SLIM GRIP design, ensuring comfort during extended use.

The Levitate Nabla was offered in two exquisite finishes: a signature iridescent coating with a glossy finish and an elegant matte black finish. For the first time, Fuji IG (Gold) guides were used, further enhancing the rod’s sleekness and elegance. This combination of advanced materials and luxurious aesthetics elevated the Levitate Nabla, making it a standout choice for serious enthusiasts who value both performance and style

The Levitate X: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation

In celebration of The Levitate’s 10th Anniversary, we proudly introduce The Levitate X, featuring the revolutionary Nabla 2.0 handle. This handle has been meticulously engineered over nearly two years, embodying a sophisticated blend of sleekness, lightness, and enhanced rigidity.

Crafted from high modulus Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), the Nabla 2.0’s unconventional geometry demands hand-laid construction, a testament to our commitment to precision and quality that surpasses conventional manufacturing capabilities. The iconic design of the Nabla 2.0 perpetuates the legacy of the Levitate series, setting a new standard in fishing rod technology.

Engineered for exceptional control and precision, The Levitate X offers anglers an unparalleled experience. Its sophisticated and elegant aesthetics make it a standout choice for discerning anglers who seek both performance and style.

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