The Ronin series of 3 GT/Tuna rods are designed for effective working of stickbaits and pencils, featuring a parabolic and lightweight design to reduce fatigue during long fishing sessions. The ultimate rod for this type of fishing, the Ronin has an incredible tip that brings lures to life and all the power in the mid-section to subdue a trophy fish.

Built with advanced composite materials from Toray, specifically TORAYCA™ NANOALLOY®, the weight/power ratio of the Ronin series takes heavy casting outfits to the next level. The Ronin is equipped with Temple Reef’s proprietary X-Grip for easy removal of the butt joint, and Fuji’s new double lock nut system, the “Back Stop Mechanism”, ensures reels never come loose from constant casting.

Another great feature of the Ronin series is the Knot-Less guide train system, designed to minimize tip wrap which is very common in windy conditions. The rods are highly versatile, with three models available to perfectly match the desired action tone to a variety of conditions.

With the Ronin series, anglers can trust that they have a highly advanced and effective rod that is designed to bring their fishing to the next level, with superior power and sensitivity that ensures a successful fishing experience.

Blank Material – 24T + 30T 

Fuji Stainless Steel Alconite

Knot-Less guide train system

Fuji Back Stop lock nut system


GuidesFuji Stainless Steel AlconiteFuji Stainless Steel AlconiteFuji Stainless Steel Alconite
TypeGT/Tuna (Stickbait) / SpinGT/Tuna (Stickbait) / SpinGT/Tuna (Stickbait) / Spin
PowerHeavyX HeavyXX Heavy
Lure (g)~140~180~200
Max Drag @45º (kg)91113
Pack Length (cm)182182174
Weight (g)380385380