Vertical jigging requires equipment that can withstand the toughest conditions and the heaviest fish. The R Jigger series by Temple Reef is the perfect solution for anglers who want to land larger and stronger fish with the lightest possible tackle. This one-piece rod is constructed with multi-composite materials, making it lightweight and incredibly strong. The blank material is made from a combination of 24T and 30T carbon fibers, while the guides are made of Fuji Stainless Steel SiC EMNSG + EMNST.

With a jig range of 300-500g, R Jigger pushes the limit of jigging and provides unmatched lifting capability. Designed for effective fish fighting, this series is available in both spin and BC configurations.

In addition, Temple Reef offers the X-Twelve series for extreme jigging, which is capable of handling jigs over 500g. This series is designed with the highest quality materials to provide consistency and durability.

Both series are tested in some of the world’s toughest conditions, including the challenging depths and currents surrounding EIAO island. These rods are perfect for anglers looking for effective equipment that can adapt to various fishing situations and different fish species around the world.

GuidesFuji SiCFuji SiCFuji SiCFuji SiCFuji SiC
TypeVertical Jigging / SpinVertical Jigging / BCVertical Jigging / SpinVertical Jigging / SpinVertical Jigging / BC
PowerMediumMediumHeavyXX HeavyXX Heavy
ActionMediumMed FastMed FastMed FastMed Fast
Lure (g)~250~250~300~500~500
Max Drag @45º (kg)7781616
Pack Length (cm)169169163163163
Weight (g)280280270290290