Monstro is a 2pcs butt joint jigging rod. It is the improved version of its predecessor Black Monstro. Utilizing advance material, we are able to reduce the weight by nearly 5% without compromising the performance and power of the rod. Monstro is one of the lightest power to weight ratio in its class.

Monstro 510S-XX is designed for working jigs with the butt tucked in the fighting belt, creating long strokes and thus extended flutter time that will induce hits from tuna.

Monstro 52B-X is designed for underarm speed jigging.

Monstro 510S-XX load test - 18kg Max Drag

TypeVertical Jigging / SpinVertical Jigging / BC
PowerXX HeavyX Heavy
ActionMed FastMed Fast
Lure (g)250-800200-500
Max Drag @45ยบ (kg)1815
Pack Length (cm)11393
Weight (g)318264