Nabla Flat Top Handle


(patent pending)

Slow Pitch Jigging rods are used with the forearm resting on the butt section, essentially having the rod as an extension of the arm.   Traditional SPJ rod’s butt sections were round and thus highly challenging for anglers to utilize correctly.

Every year since 2014, we introduce a new edition of our flagship SPJ rod – The Levitate.   In 2021, we overhauled the butt section of the Levitate and redesigned it to a monocoque design. In addition, we adopted an inverted triangular geometry design and called it – The Nabla ∇.   The Nabla is inherently more robust than the circular shape, so it needs less material to achieve flexural rigidity, resulting in a stiffer and lighter blank. This design also allows for a proprietary FLAT TOP along the plane of the butt section, which provides for excellent stability and supports the forearm to rest on the rod during slow pitch jigging.