Finite Element Analysis Of Flat Top Nabla™ Handle

— Wang Chen PhD

Model Info

  • Nonlinear static analysis
  • Half of geometry – symm at xz plane
  • Distance between pivot and loading tip is about 110 mm
  • Distance between fixed end and pivot is about 440 mm
  • The same Orthotropic material properties of carbon-fiber composites applied to both shapes
  • New design: thickness x* mm
  • Old design (circular): thickness y* mm for bottom part and x* mm for the rest

* Confidential (Withheld)


  • Results indicate performance under given load case with given material properties.
 New design (irregular)Old design
Massx* g
y* g
Stiffness index498.4
Max stress in tension764 MPa1624 MPa
Max stress in compression710 MPa1201 MPa
Max deflection13.9 mm33.6 mm
Reserve factor1.71.0

* Confidential (Withheld)

Subject has minimal deflection under load

  • As a result of little deflection, new design has much lesser stress, while circular design failed in compression.
  • Reserve factor of new design is around 1.7 (RF=1 means to fail)