Temple Reef’s product development is supported by prostaff and testers meticulously selected and recruited specifically for their expertise and experience. Their feedback and testing of prototypes enable us to engineer and design a wide array of specialty rods. Our objective is to introduce high performance products at a reasonable price so that everyday anglers can experience the same products the pros use without breaking the bank.

Only premium materials and components are used in the construction of our rods. Temple Reef raw materials are 100% made in Japan in order to maintain consistency in quality and performance. We use only the nest prepreg carbon from Toray Industries and Mitsubishi Chemical Industries. Critical components like guides are also Japanese and epoxy is imported from USA.
Every single model is designed from scratch based on what our prostaff need. It is then factory tested, then re-made and re-tested; this process is repeated until our prostaff are satisfied. This is how we produce what we believe is the perfect rod in its class.


Temple Reef was born in 2006. Whether it is running and gunning for bluefin tuna, exploring lagoons deep in the Amazon, slow falling in Okinawa or stalking the elusive giant snakehead, I demand the best fishing rods because a rod is an extension of my hand. It controls every aspect of fishing from casting and working a lure to fighting a fish. The only thing between me and the fish is my rod and so to really have the complete experience, the rod has to be responsive, sensitive, powerful and reliable.

Our early rods were built in collaboration with Smith Japan. We developed the legendary Black Devil Series under the label Ocean Revolution; it was the first rod built for the specific purpose of casting blufin tuna. This rod started an entire new movement and as the saying goes, the rest wa history.

Today Temple Reef designs and creates fishing rods that cover a wide spectrum of angling specialties. Consistent with our DNA in tuna fishing, we have a wide range of heavy popping and stickbait rods for tuna, GT and other giant pelagics. We also have models for heavy jigging and specialist rods for the art of slowfall, as well as lighter rods for casting lures and micro jigging. The latest addition to the family after years of testing are freshwater fishing rods. These rods are now proudly featured in our catalogue.