Prostaff Mike Shroer | 51kg Giant Trevally | Ronin Expedition 80-10

3-pcs Travel Rod Joint System

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation in multi-piece heavy-duty travel fishing rods.  While most manufacturers have attempted this design with mixed results, they failed to gain the confidence of mainstream anglers.  On the other hand, Temple Reef possesses the experience and capability to create a truly durable travel rod without sacrificing performance that will win over the trust of enthusiasts, liberating them from the burden of lugging around lengthy rod tubes and enduring exorbitant airline baggage charges.

Extensive research has revealed that the primary challenges faced with multi-piece travel rods are centered around the “2nd Joint,” a critical spigot joint connecting the top and middle sections of the rod.  We identify this particular segment as the “Achilles’ heel” of the travel rod, as it holds paramount importance for both action and strength.  Consequently, having a joint in this area complicates matters significantly.  Inadequate strength leads to inevitable breakages, while excessive strength alters the rod’s action, often resulting in an awkward flat spot.

While we did not reinvent the wheel, we made meticulous adjustments and embraced cutting-edge materials to realize our vision of a 3-piece GT rod.  Traditional 3-piece rods are conventionally divided into three equal parts, with additional reinforcement at the female end of the spigot joint to prevent breakage.  However, achieving the desired action often necessitates sacrificing reinforcement in this critical area, leading to frequent breakages.  So, what did we do differently?  

We reconfigured the guide train and joint positions, strategically aligning the joint placements with the existing reinforcements on the guides.  Instead of dividing the rod into three equal segments, we redesigned it to accommodate the joint’s alignment with the second-largest guide location.  This alignment takes advantage of the natural reinforcement the binding provides on the guides, obviating the need for additional strengthening materials to prevent failure.